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Another Side Of Paul Ubana Jones All coming attractions

Saturday 13th October 2018 - 7.00pm


Doors open: 7:00pm- Show Time: 8:00pm

A national treasure Paul Ubana Jones is so much more than one man with a guitar. he is a conjuror of unique and original songs, rooted in primal blues and soul.

Paul Ubana Jones is set to bring his “unique electro acoustic” music to Blue Smoke

Direct from his European Tour: He brings new songs to his live sets, and a creative virtuosic energy that has kept him a busy touring musician since 1973 in Europe and since 1987 here in New Zealand.

Whilst opening for Tuck and Patti in Los Angeles, Tuck Andress was highly moved by Paul’s playing and even more surprised that Paul does not use any pedals to enhance his delivery.” I just demonstrated to him back stage my right hand technique, and both he and his wife, Patti took me out to dinner the next day!

I felt really moved by that, they were glorious to me. Music has and still is very much my passport to many a heart.