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Cassels & Sons Present ‘The Richter City Rebels’ Live At Blue Smoke All coming attractions

Saturday 20th January 2018 - 8pm


Cassels & Sons are excited to present The Richter City Rebels live at Blue Smoke!

The Richter City Rebels will be releasing their highly anticipated 2nd studio album, HARD WORK HARD MONEY at Blue Smoke on Saturday 20th January.

Cassels & Sons feel that this is worth celebrating, therefor they have decided to launch their new ‘Nostalgia Summertimes Ale’ to mark this most auspicious occasion.

The Richter City Rebels are NZ’s FIRST and FINEST second line band and HARD WORK HARD MONEY is rammed with their signature explosive beats and good-feel vibe; another joyful and juicy plate of strong, rich New Orleans fire!

The ‘Nostalgia Summertimes Ale’ will be the cooling tonic to a frenzied dance floor and will carry with it a ‘happy hour’ price tag and a taste of good things to come.

This year Cassels & Son’s are proud supporters of the Nostalgia Festival, which will take place in the Ferrymead Historic Park on February 10th, 2018. Cassels’ limited edition ‘Nostalgia Summertimes Ale’ is a seasonal brew inspired by the long golden days of summer and the joyful revelry that comes from hearing live music.
Revelry indeed! The RICHTER CITY REBELS promise to bring the ultimate Mardi Gras party to Blue Smoke! They have a sound that blends RnB, soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk with the heart and soul of New Orleans brass band music. Incorporating trumpets, trombones, saxes, sousaphone, and percussion with stylish original melodies and shouts, funked-up pop tunes and bouncing hip-hop, the Rebels’ sound embodies the musical melting pot of Louisiana.

“The music swaggers, it’s big and it’s bold. It’s like a hug from grandpa” – Stuff

“The Rebels are brilliant, they fill the room every time. Wild, wild party music, New Orleans second line is alive and well in Wellington!” – Gwilym Waldren (Rogue & Vagabond)