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DAILY J – VENUS ATE MARS ALBUM TOUR All coming attractions

Saturday 28th November 2020 - 8pm
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Doors Open: 8:00pm – Show Time: 8:30pm

Rising indie rockers and band of brothers Daily J have today announced a national tour in support of their upcoming debut album ‘Venus Ate Mars’

Hailing from the deep-rooted back lands of Blenheim, now-Auckland-based Daily J have constructed their own unique sound, offering blissful blends of warm swirling melodies, dynamic basslines and subtle pop electronica influence. The talented band of brothers consists of Jayden on vocals/guitar, Jesse on sax/keys, Jonny on bass, plus their buddies Cody on lead guitar and Rick on drums.

The Venus Ate Mars album will crowd favorites such as ‘Left Me Like Summer’ and recent singles ‘Rocket’, ‘Skylah’, and fresh groove ‘Sunshine Hides’. The new LP from the Auckland based Daily J is full of highs, and all that is in between. This is deepened by a strong progression into a world of thoughts and wonderings of the absurd, alongside the sweet and catchy melodies that the band has never failed to deliver.

Prepare for music that will have the audience under the Daily J spell and lost in musical pleasure.