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Sunday 27th June 2021 - 6:30pm

Ticket: $20 + booking fee

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Doors Open: 6:30 pm – Show Time: 7:30 pm

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PLEASE NOTE: The layout of the room will be dictated by ticket sales. If space allows we will have table seating in view of the stage. If space does not allow then there will be no tables or seating in view of the stage, the main part of the room will be kept clear for standing and tables will be located in our Blue Smoke Diner area.

It’s been a year since Jeremy Redmore released his acclaimed comeback album The Brightest Flame. It was a release cut short by Covid’s varying symptoms, but the season is now right to take these cinematic songs and their embedded stories to audiences across Aotearoa.

Winter 2021 presents itself as the perfect scene for a set of songs that were conceived while Redmore was living in Toronto in the midst of snow-piled pavements, breathless cold and a collapse of the world as he knew it.

What emerged from that time was an album universally praised by critics for its emotive strength and sonic complexity and a surprising departure from his previous solo album and work as the writer and frontman for Midnight Youth.

Redmore’s writing here is as lucid as ever, and he hasn’t lost his ear for melody, but this is much more introspective slow-burn than stadium stomp,” Matt McAuley wrote for The Spinoff.

“The multi-tracked vocals and oscillating synths of early album standout ‘So Easy (II)’ recall the work of Canadian indie legends Wolf Parade, while the red-eyed balladry of songs like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Southern Lights’ split the difference between early Bon Iver and late Walkmen to powerful effect.”

Redmore says fans can expect not only songs from The Brightest Flame, but also from his complete catalogue, including unheard interpretations of Midnight Youth hits. With the tour kicking off in June, Redmore will be joined by a full backing band and will announce some incredibly talented support acts very soon