Coming Attractions


Saturday 22nd February 2020 - 11:00am


We’ve been busy building a Lil’ Smoke Stage so that we can take it to the Banks Peninsula Festival, Orton Bradley Park (Charteris Bay) on 22nd February 2020.

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Our line up features some of the finest musicianship the Peninsula has on offer.

11:00 am – Candice Milner (duo)
12:10 pm – Adam McGrath (The Eastern, solo)
1:20 pm – Amiria Grenell
2:50 pm – Esther Swift (Scotland)
4:05 pm – Adam Hattaway & The Haunters (duo)
5:15 pm – Lindon Puffin

Relax in the idyllic setting of Orton Bradley Park and enjoy the best of Banks Peninsula; food, wines, beers, local produce, cooking demonstrations, crafts and of course local music.

Some more about the musicians …


Lyttelton-based folk-punk musician and former frontman of 90’s glam-rock group The Puffins will be our official MC for the day!

Lindon Puffin has released a handful of albums, toured NZ heaps, played overseas a bit, supported some famous bands, had an album blip momentarily in the top 10, produced a tragicomedy music doco called Figure 8000, fronted a bit of telly, restored a boat, built a house, had some kids and refers to himself as a fisherman trapped in a musicians body.

He promises to regale us with entertaining banter and plenty of great songs.


Daughter of legendary Country musician John Grenell, Amiria grew up on a farm in Whitecliffs, Canterbury where her family hosted decades of music festivals in the back paddocks. She has followed her heritage into a colourful and long standing career as a touring artist and respected songwriter and now calls the Banks Peninsula home.

Her crystalline voice finely balances between gentle restraint and emotive strength, with instrumentation that is equally impressive.

Winner of a Tui NZ Music Award for her album ‘Three Feathers’ & a finalist for the same award for her album ‘Autumn’, this songwriter is gearing up to record a whole new set of songs in 2020.

Her style is New Folk, a bit of pop, country and soul. Her songwriting is honest, delicate and filled with a love of nature and adventures.


Adam McGrath is a folk singer stationed wherever he lands. He travels the state highways and byways of New Zealand, Australia, Europe and parts beyond, slinging songs and offering up low rent barroom philosophy with his band of misfits and chancers, The Eastern.

Described as “two parts Woody Guthrie, one part revival meeting and one part group hug” a McGrath show goes straight for the spirit level in all of us. Looking deep for the heart and hoping to reach the thinking part of the brain all the while strumming his three chords like his life depended on it. Which of course it does, as of course it should.

“NZ’s toughest minded songwriter” -Graeme Reid

“One of the best modern roots artists, from any country” – No Depression magazine

“A national treasure” -Radio NZ National


Candice Milner is from the seemingly sleepy hollow that is the port town of Lyttelton. She released her debut album ‘Evergreen’ with Lyttelton Records and Southbound Distribution, and is currently showcasing her newer songs in anticipation of her sophomore album.

‘Evergreen’ landed Candice a spot as a finalist for the Tui ‘Best Folk Artist of 2018’, after her national tour. Having played in Canada and the States, Candice has taken her guitar, angelic melodies and raw lyrics all over the world, sharing her organic gothic folk sound.

“She showcases a strong range of sound and emotion, with some songs sombre and simple, reminiscent of Tiny Ruins and others more like Bannerman with fuller arrangements and bigger, catchier choruses.” – NZ Musician Magazine


One dark night, under the glow of a gas heater, Adam Hattaway and the Haunters emerged with a soul music anthology in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. They’ll take you back to the good old days, circa. 1965, when a man could simply fall in love and cry about it.

Based in Lyttelton, Adam Hattaway and the Haunters have been building a national reputation as an electrifying live act. With sweltering hooks and starry-eyed narrative, their sound says ‘put your arm around the one you love and remember that they won’t be there forever – but maybe that’s a good thing.’

Adam Hattaway is for lovers. A born frontman, he will perform alongside fellow bandmate, Elmore Jones.


Esther Swift has travelled the world extensively with her music making and embraces many different influences in her virtuosic harp playing, composing and songwriting.

She writes songs about her homeland of Scotland, drawing on her folk roots and taking inspiration from nature and the people she meets along the way. An eclectic blend of jazz, folk, classical and everything in between Esther will share with you her stories and musical experiences from around the world.